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IDMC Institute offers free self-paced, Bible-based discipleship courses online. These courses are designed to equip learners with spiritual tools that transform their inner lives and relationship with God and people. Each session is filmed in our IDMC studio and taught by Rev Paul Jeyachandran. Each class is then optimized for the digital space, so you can join the learning experience online! Go at your own pace as you make your way through 29+ video lectures, interactive questions, and in-depth forum discussions.

Semester 1

Order Your Inner Life

This course is focused on the inner life—examining it truthfully before the Word and expounding on biblical principles for application of the truth in our lives. The more we align ourselves to the Word, the more we find our perspectives changing. As we become Kingdom-minded, our behaviours change. We stop serving self and start serving God. We start walking with Him and working with Him.

Semester 2

Eight Fold Discipleship

In the making of a disciple, some say the most important things to impart are world vision, or the Word, or prayer. All these topics are important, but disciplemaking must be holistic, and the focus is not merely on topics but on the overall integrative curriculum. Discover eight fundamental aspects of discipleship that will help diagnose the root issues that are hindering discipleship and how one can address them and continue growing in Christlikeness.

Semester 3

Foundations & Disciplemaking

Disciple Making is the process of bringing people into right relationship with God and developing them into full maturity in Christ through intentional growth strategies that they might multiply the entire process in others also. The commission is to produce disciples who are authentic before God, spiritually mature and can reproduce this in others. We mustn’t define our success by how many, but what kind of disciples we are producing.

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