Vision & Culture
Calling churches back to their disciplemaking roots

For God’s glory, we want to multiply Intentional Disciple Making Churches and Campuses in Sydney and in the key cities around the world.

“For God’s glory”
This is the starting point of our purpose because everything is for His glory alone.

“Multiply Intentional Disciple Making Churches and Campuses”
We are committed to planting campuses, churches and establishing apostolic networks with churches that are committed to authentic discipleship and intentional disciplemaking.

We fulfil this mission by raising intentional disciplemakers with a certain kind of DNA who are radically committed to love God, make disciples, and transform communities.

“Sydney and in key cities around the world”
We are committed to release the gifts and talents in our congregation and mobilise greater resources for the proclamation of God’s Kingdom and church planting in the City of Sydney and in key cities around the world.


People come before projects. Relationships are more critical than results.

One thing we long to hear from the Lord when we cross the finishing line is; “Well done, thou good and faithful servant…”

His Lord said unto Him, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant: Thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: Enter thou into the joy of the Lord.”
Matthew 25:21

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1. “Well” – Excellent by Choice

Anything worth doing is worth doing well. This is a spirit of excellence that make us go a step further, stay a little later, do a little extra and shoot a little higher.

Excellence is not perfection but it is defined as when we are using all that God has deposited in us to the maximum capacity for God’s glory and man’s good. And when true excellence happens, it glorifies God and edifies man.

2. “Done” – “Can Do” Attitude

This is a positive “whatever it takes” attitude that helps us to see possibilities before problems, miracles before mess and stars before scars. This is the “can do” spirit that causes us to ask; “why not?” rather than, “how can?”

3. “Thou” – Focus on People

People come before projects. Relationships are more critical than results. We want a culture where we value people as individuals; created to be unique and destined to be special.

We don’t just celebrate the results but we will rejoice in our relationships. So we will choose to honour people and value the unique gifts and talents that God has deposited in them. We recognise that square pegs must be placed in square holes for maximum effectiveness.

4. “Good” – Character First

The Scriptures says that no one is good except God. In other words, goodness is godliness. So we place great value in godliness. We believe that character comes before capability, attitude comes before abilities.

5. “And” – Balance it All

Our corporate culture upholds both the need to balance people and performance, relationship and results.

This little conjunction “and” reminds us that we need to take an integrative approach where we maintain the tension of cultivating relationships and achieving results, loving people and getting things done.

6. “Faithful” – Faith and Faithfulness

Faith can bring us to places beyond ourselves. Faith can take us higher, further and deeper than we have ever been before. And faithfulness will ensure that we see things through. We do not make decisions based on reason alone but we give room for revelation. We do not walk by sight alone but we walk by faith.

7. “Servant” – Humility before Honour

This is our public persona – servants of God. We are quick to serve and ready to respond. We are resolved to put others before self. We are not here to impress but we are here to impart. So we operate in humble-boldness.

We minister behind the Cross so that man will see Christ magnified more than man exalted. In our action and attitude, we adopt humility as our posture and an apron as our uniform. We are servants of the Living God!