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Unchanging Love

The book of Malachi is the last message that God spoke through His messenger in the Old Testament. After that, there was a silence of 400 years and then the voice in the wilderness cried out in the gospels. The hearts of God's people have grown cold and their spiritual life has become a mere routine and rituals to maintain appearances.

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The Secret to Ultimate Living

Writing Ecclesiastes in his latter years, Solomon reflects on the mortality of man and the ambiguities of life. He observes that life can be lived ‘under the sun’ or ‘under the hand of God’. In this chapter-by-chapter study on Ecclesiastes, unlock the secret to ultimate living from Solomon, the wisest man who ever lived.

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Transforming Your Inner World

Transforming the inner world always starts with a God encounter. We must allow God to till the soil of our hearts to become fertile, so His Word can take root in our inner being. As we align to God, our perspectives and behaviours will change. We become kingdom-minded and no longer earthly-minded. We stop serving self and start serving God. We start walking with Him and working with Him.

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