Curriculum for Small Groups

Ephesians 1:3-14 is a powerful passage that showcases the abundant blessings we have in Christ! Even from prison, we find Apostle Paul overflowing with praise for Jesus. He fosters an attitude of worship, and in recognition of God’s sovereignty and faithfulness, Apostle Paul responds by blessing God. The principle is this: We bless God who has richly blessed us!

Over this 6-session bible study series, we will be studying in depth verses 3-14 to appreciate the spiritual blessings that are ours in Christ. Let us grow in our understanding of our spiritual inheritance and cultivate a “eulogetos” mindset, and like the Apostle Paul, we bless God who has blessed us!

Session 1

Cultivating a Eulogetos Mindset

Ephesians 1:3-14 is a single, long sentence in the Greek. It has more than 200 words, and packed with theology. Despite writing this from prison, and with all material blessings and freedom removed from him, we find Apostle Paul is filled with praise! He responds back to God with overflowing thankfulness. In this lesson, we will study what it means to have a “eulogetos” mindset.

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Session 2

Highest Privilege of the Gospel

In this lesson, we will study what it means to be adopted into the family of God. It is true that God is our law-giver, but we can relate to Him as our heavenly father! God the Father administered our adoption, Jesus Christ accomplished our adoption, and the Holy Spirit applied our adoption, Hallelujah!

In this study, we’ll discuss three things: the cultural background of adoption, the spiritual significance of adoption and the practical implication of adoption. Adoption through Christ is our highest privilege. What a joy and blessing!

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Session 3

The Spirit of Sonship

In this session, we’ll be continuing on our study of adoption. As mentioned in the previous lesson, the term “hyiothesia” means “to place a son”. It meant bringing a person into a family with the purpose of treating them as their own. For believers, how much more a blessing to be adopted by God Himself! In this lesson, we’ll understand 8 significant aspects about our adoption.

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Session 4

The Price of Freedom

In this lesson, we will discuss the blessing of Redemption. The bible says that through the blood of Jesus, we have been forgiven of our trespasses, according to the riches of His grace. We have been “bought back” from a position of slavery, and brought into freedom in Christ! This is only possible because of the incredible love Jesus had for us. Through His work, we have been set free! Freedom is our amazing gift and to Jesus be all the glory!

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Session 5

The Mystery of God's Will

In this lesson, we will study the blessing of God’s Revelation to us and how it relates to life. There are 3 keys to understanding revelation, His desire to reveal His will, His divine plans and purposes, and the sufficiency of Christ. Our ultimate comfort is knowing that God has united all things in Christ! We can let go of all worldly concerns because we know that one day there will be full restoration and joy. We can face challenges in our lives knowing that Christ will return, providing us hope for the future.

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Session 6

Blessed Assurance of Our Salvation

In this lesson, we will be studying the blessing of confirmation. The bible says we are “sealed with the promised Holy Spirit.” Many people live their lives, in doubt of their salvation, that somehow their salvation is still based upon human effort, but the Scripture reminds us that salvation is not based on our work, but only on the finished work of Christ. That’s why it's such a blessing! We can be assured that our salvation is secure.

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