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Dealing with disappointments

Habakkuk was a prophet who was angered by Judah’s wickedness and God’s delay in judging them. Judah’s covenant with God had been broken by their continued faithfulness and lack of repentance. God tells Habakkuk that the Chaldeans will overtake them and that the righteous shall live by faith. The book of Habakkuk is about wrestling with difficult circumstances and evaluating reality based on God’s Word instead of our own observations and wisdom.

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Dealing With Doubt

This series will study Habakkuk’s prophetic word which speaks directly to God rather than Israel. Habakkuk wrestled with the world trying to understand why injustice and wickedness ran rampant. He asks insightful questions and cries out for deliverance. Yet God’s answer is even more perplexing as we explore this first chapter of Habakkuk.

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Session 2

Moving From Reason to Revelation

Habakkuk begins his prophetic word by bringing his complaints to God. He struggles to understand yet there is structure and a humble posture in his words. They key to understanding Habakkuk and the nature of God is waiting upon Him. This study explores how we can communicate to God in the midst of crisis.

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Session 3

The Secret to Survival

What is the answer that God gives to a desperate Judah in the midst of crisis? God gives Habakkuk the secret to survival by giving him a larger and longer perspective. There are four truths we can explore about how to survive dark and difficult times.

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Session 4

Dealing With Disappointments

With the Chaldeans approaching, Habakkuk faces a desperate and disappointing time. The theological revelation of this book is that Habakkuk can still take the joy in the God of salvation despite difficult circumstances.. He acknowledges the situation at hand and chooses to rejoice in God. In this final study, we explore how to deal with disappointment with God’s help.

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