Curriculum for Small Groups
Heart for the House

Haggai is an interesting Old Testament book that can be summarised as one book, two chapters, three periods & four messages. It has been 16 years since the foundation for the Lord's Temple has been laid but nothing has been done since.

The Prophet Haggai was sent to challenge the people of God to the unfinished task of rebuilding the fallen temple. Why did they not finish what they started? What is hindering the people of God to finish the task? What does it take for God's people to rise in strength and build the God's House? What will cause God's people to have a heart for the House? How will their lives be changed as a result?

This book sheds light on issues mentioned above and reveals how God turns our curses into blessings, our lack into abundance and our barrenness into fruitfulness! Study the book with Rev Paul Jeyachandran and grow deeper in your love for God and His glory.

Session 1

Wake Up That You May See God

This series will study Haggai’s prophetic word to bring God’s people back from exile and to develop a heart for God’s house. His first message was to wake them up after 16 years of drifting from their original mission to rebuilding God’s temple. Their issue was a matter of the heart. They had lost a heart for the house. This session will explore what it takes to move people from complacency to commitment and finally completion.

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Session 2

Rise Up That You May Serve God

The Israellites faced many challenges in rebuilding the temple, yet completing God’s mission requires a resolve anchored in the Word of God. Haggai’s message was a timely word to the remnant Israellites but also a timeless message for us today. The question we must ask ourselves is what does it take to rise up and serve God?

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Session 3

Step Up That You May Worship God

What theological anchors enable us to press on in the face of adversity? The remnant Israellites were challenged by the second message of Haggai but encouraged through God’s three promises. Not only promises, but God gives us three commands that enable us to press on with devoted determination and determined devotion.

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Session 4

Clean Up That You May Please God

Although rebuilding the temple was a holy work, the evil deeds of the Israellites were defiling the temple. God reveals through a parable that Holiness cannot be transferred from one object to another yet uncleanliness can. In this session, we will read through Haggai to discover how we can not just work for God but walk with God.

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Session 5

Look Up That You May Trust God

The fourth and final message of Haggai was directed at Zerubbabel the governor of the tribe of Judah. Our God is a personal God who has a plan and a purpose for each person. As we discover what he has promised Zerubbabel, we discover an encouragement and theological anchor that steers our actions. In this last message, we see the completion of the temple and the redemptive future God has in store for us.

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