Transforming Your Inner World
curriculum for small groups

Transforming Your Inner World: Discipleship Group Series is a curriculum designed for small groups meeting in homes, where members can share deeply, be accountable to one another and grow together.

This course is focused on the inner life—examining it truthfully before the Word and expounding on biblical principles for application of the truth in our lives. The more we align ourselves to the Word, the more we find our perspectives changing. As we become Kingdom-minded, our behaviours change. We stop serving self and start serving God. We start walking with Him and working with Him.

Each session includes a 30 minute video teaching from Rev Paul Jeyachandran as well as a PDF of notes and discussion questions.

Session 1

Building a Solid Foundation

During this lesson, we will understand the biblical significance of tending to our own inner life and how we can do this practically. We should develop a willingness to be authentic before God and to each other in examining our inner life, and commit to growing in this area.

Session 1 Notes
Session 2

It Starts With a God Encounter

During this lesson, we’re going to thoughtfully and meditatively walk through Psalm 73 to see what happened to the psalmist and worship leader, Asaph, when he encountered God in His sanctuary.

Session 2 Notes
Session 3

5 Movements Towards Spiritual Maturity: Part 1

During this lesson, we discover the first 3 of the 5 movements towards spiritual maturity in an individual's life.  Spiritual maturity is learning to pursue the will of the Father, to yield our perceived rights and personal ambitions, and to surrender our all to Him. It’s not about how committed we are to God but how surrendered we are to Him.

Session 3 Notes
Session 4

5 Movements Towards Spiritual Maturity: Part 2

In this lesson we will continue our study on the five movements towards spiritual maturity. Spiritual maturity is learning to pursue the will of the Father, to yield our perceived rights and personal ambitions, and to surrender our all to Him. It’s not about how committed we are to God but how surrendered we are to Him.

Session 4 Notes
Session 5

Quietening of the Noisy Soul: Part 1

Modern life overflows with noise, much more than at any other point in history. We move from rural to urban areas in ever-increasing numbers and bring our noise (“unwanted sound”) with us. From the ground to the air—from the unrelenting traffic on highways to the overhead roar from commercial planes—we are bombarded with noise.

Session 5 Notes
Session 6

Quietening of the Noisy Soul: Part 2

In this session, we explore how silence and solitude helps us to both express our faith in God and control our tongues. We also learn practical ways on how to cultivate silence and solitude for ourselves.

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Session 7

The Barrenness of Busyness

A barren terrain is unable to produce plants or fruits. Similarly, if our inner world is barren, we cannot bear fruit for God. In this lesson, we explore the barrenness that arises due to chronic busyness in our lives, and the dangers of running on empty and after things that don’t truly satisfy.

Session 7 Notes
Session 8

Overcoming Soul Fatigue

Soul fatigue is the exhaustion of our inner life that occurs when we don’t take time to be refreshed by the Lord. This session, we will study the root causes of soul fatigue and its effect on our lives. We also look at ways to overcome soul fatigue.

Session 8 Notes
Session 9

Singleness of Heart: Part 1

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7), Jesus addressed a range of topics with one unifying theme—Kingdom living. This lesson, we focus on Matthew 6 to see why we should live life with a singular vision and embrace whole-life discipleship.

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Session 10

Singleness of Heart: Part 2

Our anxieties reveal who our true Master is, and what the treasure in our heart is. Three times in Matthew 6:25–34, Jesus tells us not to be anxious! In this lesson, we examine the inner life issues of identity, values, control and trust.

Session 10 Notes
Session 11

Simplicity of Life: Part 1

Singleness of heart leads to simplicity of lifestyle. In this session, we examine ways to simplify our pace. We learn how to deal with our chronic busyness and to centre down so we can prioritise what's most important in our lives.

Session 11 Notes
Session 12

Simplicity of Life: Part 2

This session, we focus on simplifying our priorities and managing our energy, not just our time. We also examine five spiritual practices that help us prioritise spiritual growth in our life.

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Session 13

Simplicity of Life: Part 3

Simplicity of life involves not only simplifying our pace and priorities but also our possessions. In this lesson, we focus on what Ecclesiastes 5 teaches us about wealth, as well as examine practical ways to better steward our possessions.

Session 13 Notes
Session 14

Developing a Biblical Worldview

We all hold a worldview that we live out daily. As Christians, our worldview must be formed by Scripture. In this session, we look at our theology of the world, work, wealth and welfare to learn how to put God into the equation of our life.

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Session 15

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Disciplemakers: Part 1

Amid the competing compulsions that pull us away from Christ's Great Commandment, Christians must keep returning to God's ordained purpose for their lives. This session, we look at the first two traits of a highly effective disciple maker: living a Holy-Spirit filled life, and holiness.

Session 15 Notes
Session 16

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Disciplemakers: Part 2

Disciplemaking is not a program; it is a way of life.  In this study, we examine the remaining five traits of highly effective disciple makers and discover that they are also humble, happy, harmonious, "heart-working" and hungry for God.

Session 16 Notes
Session 17

Radical Discipleship

As followers of Christ, Jesus' commands are not options for our consideration, but a call to obedience. In this final session, we take a close look at Mark 10:17–31 and explore the nine principles of radical discipleship.

Session 17 Notes
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