Unchanging Love
A study on the book of Malachi for discipleship
Book of Malachi

Discover God’s
Unchanging Love

The book of Malachi is the last message that God spoke through His messenger in the Old Testament. After that, there was a silence of 400 years and then the voice in the wilderness cried out in the gospels. It has been more than one hundred years since the people returned from exile in Babylon. Their hearts have grown cold and their spiritual life has become a mere routine and rituals to maintain appearances.

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What's the book about?

Watch Rev Paul Jeyachandran explain his heart behind the message in this book in the video below.

The author

Rev Paul Jeyachandran

Rev Paul Jeyachandran is a gifted preacher of God’s Word. A powerful and prolific communicator, Paul speaks with such keen insight, challenging conventional mindsets and stretching the capacity of his listeners to maximise their God-given potential. Each year, he travels extensively across the globe speaking in conferences, mentoring Senior Pastors and inspiring movement leaders to disciple the nations and he has ministered in over 25 nations.

What others are saying

“This divine, unchanging love anchors the book of Malachi! Exploring the book of Malachi through this lens, Rev Paul Jeyachandran has written a positively helpful workbook for discipleship! As a committed disciplemaking pastor and a reflective practitioner, Rev Paul mentors us through his workbook to engage God’s Word to our daily discipleship.

As such, this is NOT a book simply to be read. To reap the fullest benefit, give attention to the questions in the workbook, even as you pay attention to the questions in the Bible book. It is a worthwhile investment of time to reflect on these questions, as well as to journal your answers, to help guide you as an inner biblical compass to your discipleship.

Unchanging Love is thus a worthy workbook that I would keenly recommend to discipleship groups. Read it. Think though it. Apply it. Share it!”

— Rev Edmund Chan


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The teachings found in this book are based on Rev Paul Jeyachandran’s sermon series on the book of Malachi. Through these messages you’ll discover how God pursues His people who are unfaithful and rebellious with His love and truth.

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Unchanging Love is great book for both personal reading and can also be used as a workbook for personal devotions or as discussion material for small groups. Be blessed as you ponder on the book of Malachi and discover God’s Unchanging Love.

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