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At IDMC, our heart is for all to be equipped with the Word of God in their discipleship journey. We have our various curriculum available for free for you to use in all settings—from your individual studies and family life to small groups.

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Life Group

Wanting to grow deeper in faith and discipleship in your Life Groups? We have our video studies and notes which have been designed for small group settings available to all for free online.

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Life Group (Chinese)

Grow deeper in your faith with our Life Group curriculum translated in both Traditional and Simplified Chinese. Gather together with your group and journey through the various curriculum we offer.

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Transforming Your Inner World

The world celebrates the external, but Bible focuses on the internal. We often think about calling in terms of the advancement of the Kingdom when our first and foremost call is alignment to the King. In this study, learn how to live biblically and cultivate your inner life to Transform Your Inner World.

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Unchanging Love

The book of Malachi is the last message that God spoke through His messenger in the Old Testament. After that, there was a silence of 400 years and then the voice in the wilderness cried out in the gospels. The hearts of God's people have grown cold and their spiritual life has become a mere routine and rituals to maintain appearances.

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Life on earth is short. Therefore, don’t waste your life. Learn how life is meant to be lived from the wisest man that ever lived. In your Life Groups, learn how to apply these timeless principles from ancient wisdom and learn the keys to a life well lived.

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The church is built upon strong godly families. Strong families start with solid foundations and that’s why we partner with parents to help raise children from 3-12 years old to become disciples of Christ. Our curriculum will help equip you to train your children.

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IDMC Australia is a non profit organisation, and your support helps people everywhere become intentional disciple makers for Jesus Christ. Your generous support allows us to continue to provide IDMC resources such as these curriculum for free. Thank you for partnering with us to reach the world.

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