Life Group Curriculum
A compilation of video studies & notes to use for small groups

Study Materials for
Your Life Groups

Wanting to grow deeper in faith and discipleship in your Life Groups? We have our video studies and notes which have been designed for small group settings available to all for free online. Browse through our current and upcoming curriculums we offer!

Life Group Curriculum

Transforming Your
Inner World

The world celebrates the external, but Bible focuses on the internal. We often think about calling in terms of the advancement of the Kingdom when our first and foremost call is alignment to the King. In your Life Groups, learn how to live biblically and cultivate your inner life.

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Life Group Curriculum


Life on earth is short. Therefore, don’t waste your life. Learn how life is meant to be lived from the wisest man that ever lived. In your Life Groups, learn how to apply these timeless principles from ancient wisdom and learn the keys to a life well lived.

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Become a disciplemaker

Start a Life Group & Be Trained as a Leader

If you're unable to connect in due to geographical or time zone differences, why not start a new Life Group with your friends and family? All you need is a willing heart and a place to host your meetings. Watch this short video by Rev Paul and Ps Esabel about the importance and purpose of Life Groups and take up the invitation to start one!

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