Life Group Material
A compilation of this year's video studies & notes

Materials for Leaders

Life changing curriculum called Transforming Your Inner World will be uploaded fortnightly. This will include a 30 minute video teaching from Rev Paul Jeyachandran as well as a PDF of notes and discussion questions.

Life Groups 2021

Our Vision for Life Groups

Come hear our senior pastor, Rev Paul Jeyachandran, share the vision for Life Groups this year in 2021.

Life Group Leaders Handbook
Session 1

Building a Solid Foundation

During this lesson, we will understand the biblical significance of tending to our own inner life and how we can do this practically. We should develop a willingness to be authentic before God and to each other in examining our inner life, and commit to growing in this area.

Session 1 Notes
Session 2

It Starts With a God Encounter

During this lesson, we’re going to thoughtfully and meditatively walk through Psalm 73 to see what happened to the psalmist and worship leader, Asaph, when he encountered God in His sanctuary.

Session 2 Notes
Session 3

5 Movements Towards Spiritual Maturity Pt. 1

During this lesson, we discover the first 3 of the 5 movements towards spiritual maturity in an individual's life.

Session 3 Notes